Education is one of the core goals of the centre. We believe in the importance of inspiring the younger generation to take an interest in conservation, and we aim to achieve this by making our educational visits informative yet compelling. By ensuring their day is enjoyable as possible, we hope the children will go back to school bursting with wildlife facts and a newfound understanding of the natural world.

If you are a teacher wanting to cover a particular topic, we are able to create an itinerary relevant to common curriculum topics so that you and your pupils get the most out of your time with us. So be it prey and predator; night and day; flight; habitats; ecosystems; or lifecycles, we have the facilities to make any of these key stages a fun-filled learning experience!

As well as regularly providing sessions for primary schools, we also welcome learners from any stage of the education system. Whether you are a nursery, university or anything in between, we can tailor a package to suit your needs. To discuss your options, please contact us.

Schools visits at Baytree Owl and Wildlife Centre

An Exciting Educational Experience!

Why Use Our Facilities?

We'll be able to introduce your class to an exciting variety of bird of prey species at close proximity thanks to our indoor and outdoor flying arenas, where they'll be in the perfect position to witness the silent flight of an owl over their heads, or the speed of a falcon diving towards them. Combined with a running commentary from head falconer and centre manager Mark Birdsall, this engaging insight is sure to be an experience they will never forget!

We will also be able to provide access to our collection of native British wildlife including harvest mice, red squirrels, foxes, butterflies and hedgehogs, demonstrating the range of animals that call our country home. 


Depending on your package, we can incorporate additional interactive learning activities around your chosen subject matter, such as pellet dissection (pictured), worksheets or drawing, painting and photography.

If you're looking to make the most of your visit, our close ties with Baytree Garden Centre provides the opportunity to meet the other animals at the pet department, or a chance to get your hands dirty and try some gardening in the plant area!

Flying Arenas

Range of Species

Learning Activities

From £3.00 a Child

School attending a flying demonstration at Baytree Owl and Wildlife Centre
School pupils trying a pellet disection activity

How Do I Book?

To book, simply contact us using one of the methods below, or fill out our contact form. If possible, please provide your expected attendance figures for the number of adults (staff) and children (pupils) so that we can ensure ample seating is provided for your session.  


Use the Subject Line "School Visit"


Tue - Sun, 10am til 4pm