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Learn with BOWC!

At Baytree Owl and Wildlife Centre, we love sharing our knowledge with others!


That's why we've put together a collection of fun learning resources aimed at Key Stages 1 and 2 absolutely FREE for use at home and at school.


Children of all ages can learn more about owls by watching our exciting educational videos and completing a series of accompanying worksheets to help reinforce new skills and ideas. 

The content presently covers fives engaging topics:


  1. Parts of an Owl 

  2. Owl Adaptations

  3. All About Owls 

  4. Food Chains 

  5. Nocturnal and Diurnal Animals 


How it works




Choose a worksheet pack to print* from home

Watch the videos to

learn about fun topics

Look at the answer pages

to see if you were right!

*Don't have a printer at home? Click here to purchase a printed pack 


> Full Pack (.zip)

Worksheet Downloads - KS1

1) Parts of an Owl (.pdf)

2) Owl Adaptations (.pdf)

3) All About Owls (.pdf)

4) Food Chains (.pdf)

5) Nocturnal/Diurnal (.pdf)


> Full Pack (.zip)

Worksheet Downloads - KS2

1) Parts of an Owl (.pdf)

2) Owl Adaptations (.pdf)

3) All About Owls (.pdf)

4) Food Chains (.pdf)

5) Nocturnal/Diurnal (.pdf)

All downloads are free for personal and educational use. The contents of these files may not be edited, reproduced, remixed, redistributed or otherwise transformed without prior written approval from Baytree Owl and Wildlife Centre. Commercial use is strictly prohibited. All files remain property of BOWC. By downloading, you agree to these terms of use. 



Each of our videos is specifically adapted for Key Stages 1 and 2 and divided into four topics. We recommend pausing the video between each topic to complete its worksheet!

Key Stage 1 - Full Video


0:00 - Parts of an Owl

3:33 - Owl Adaptations

7:40 - All About Owls

12:21 - Food Chains


Key Stage 2 - Full Video



0:00 - Parts of an Owl

3:33 - Owl Adaptations

9:15 - All About Owls

15:00 - Food Chains

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Want Even More?

If you aren't able to visit us in person, we are able to provide virtual learning experiences through Zoom for schools and other groups. We can even tailor your session towards a particular topic and provide an opportunity for questions and answers from teachers and pupils.

Our sessions generally last for one hour and pricing starts from £50.

To discuss your requirements, please e-mail or phone us on 01406 258 228


Baytree School Visit-30-March 06

Pellet Dissection Kits

Our Owl Pellet Dissection Kit makes one of our most popular educational activities available for anyone to take home! This kit contains everything a budding pellet detective needs to start their new journey of discovery. Dissecting owl pellets is a fun way to learn about prey and predator relationships, as it provides an interesting insight into an owl's eating habits.

£7.99 each

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