Adoption Package

Help your favourite animal stay safe and comfortable with our popular adoption packages. With over 100 mouths to feed here at Baytree Owl & Wildlife Centre, not only is there a huge selection of potential adoptees to choose from, your £30 will also go a long way towards keeping them in food for the whole year.


From owls to birds of prey - and now our collection of native wildlife - you're sure to find that one special animal that "speaks" to you, whether it's for their species, personality...or simply their name! Adopting one of our animals could spark a new interest or create a unique talking point amongst family members - why not bring them along to see your new friend?


Your full adoption package will include:

  • An A5 photograph of your chosen animal
  • Information about your chosen animal
  • A certificate of adoption
  • Four free admission tickets (for two people*) valid for one year
  • PLUS Your name displayed on the animal's name card on its enclosure


Adoption packages can be purchased either for yourself or as a gift - simply enter their name above as you wish it to appear, and we'll do the rest!


Your package will be sent to your specified delivery address. If buying as a gift, you may wish to post directly to the recipient. Alternatively, enter your own address if you'd like to inspect the package or add any finishing touches yourself.


Please allow up one week for your package to be compiled and dispatched. 

Adoption Package

    Aquarius♀ African Fish Eagle
    Mushroom♂ African Spotted Eagle Owl
    Sonny♂ American Barn Owl
    Cher♀ American Barn Owl
    Inca♀ American Black Vulture
    Guido♂ American Black Vulture
    Tink♀ American Kestrel
    Cloud♂ Barn Owl
    Straw♂ Barn Owl
    Oops♂ Black-shouldered Kite
    Scoops♀ Black-shouldered Kite
    Edna♀ Blue-winged Kookaburra
    Willow♂ Brown Wood Owl
    Holly♀ Brown Wood Owl
    Badger♀ Burrowing Owl
    Moley♂ Burrowing Owl
    Apollo♂ Common Buzzard
    Bella♀ Common Kestrel
    Havoc♂ Common Kestrel
    Harmony♀ Common Kestrel
    Doodles♀ Common Raven
    Chester♂ Eastern Grey Squirrel
    Hazel♀ Eastern Grey Squirrel
    Evie♀ Eurasian Eagle Owl
    Oakley♂ Great Grey Owl
    Mystery♂ Great Grey Owl
    Molly♀ Great Grey Owl
    Charlie♂ Harris Hawk
    Rage♂ Harris Hawk
    Rocko♂ Laughing Kookaburra
    Fruitloop♂ Lilac-breasted Roller
    Skittles♀ Lilac-breasted Roller
    Vesna♀ Long-eared Owl
    Driscoll♂ Long-eared Owl
    Tafari♂ Mackinder's Eagle Owl
    Bandit♂ Northern Goshawk
    Luna♀ Northern Hawk Owl
    Capala♂ Peregrine Falcon x Lanner Falcon
    Storm♀ Peregrine Falcon x Merlin
    Ruby♀ Red Fox
    Rebel♂ Red Fox
    Widget♂ Red-footed Falcon
    Coco♀ Red-legged Seriema
    T'woo♀ Savigny's Eagle Owl
    T'wit♂ Savigny's Eagle Owl
    Chilli♂ Snowy Owl
    Jill♀ Snowy Owl
    Jack♂ Snowy Owl
    Pinkie♀ Southern Boobook Owl
    Plod♂ Southern Boobook Owl
    Miss Marple♀ Southern White-faced Owl
    Morse♂ Southern White-faced Owl
    Jam♀ Spectacled Owl
    Jim♂ Spectacled Owl
    Goran♂ Steppe Eagle
    Cara♀ Striated Caracara
    Dexter♂ Tawny Eagle
    Spike♂ Tawny Owl
    Lula♀ Tawny Owl
    Sage♂ Turkey Vulture
    Onion♀ Turkey Vulture
    Dusk♂ Ural Owl
    Dawn♀ Ural Owl
    Gracie♀ Verreaux's Eagle Owl
    Sydney♂ Western Siberian Eagle Owl
    Rosebud♀ Western Siberian Eagle Owl
    Minerva♀ Western Siberian Eagle Owl
    Doom♂ White-backed Vulture
    Gloom♀ White-backed Vulture
    Odin♂ White-tailed Sea-eagle

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