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Flying Demonstrations

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A staple of our peak season visitor experience, our flying demonstrations are a spectacle that absolutely cannot be missed! 


We have a large and varied team of trained demonstration birds representing a range of the owl and raptor species in the centre's collection.

The opportunity to fly freely in our purpose-built flying arenas provides them with the ideal stage in which to hone their natural instincts...whilst also allowing you an unobstructed view of these majestic creatures doing what they do best!


The flying demonstration is included at no extra cost with your admission, so be sure to stick around for the show!


Showing Saturdays and Sundays from
29th March - 28th October 2024

Plus EVERY DAY during school holidays* & bank holidays

  • Easter holiday (29th March - 15th April)**

  • Early May bank holiday (6th May)

  • Summer half term (25th May - 2nd June)

  • Summer holiday (20th July - 3rd September)

  • Autumn half term (19th - 28th October)

Is the flying display on today?

There is NO flying display today.


Calendar Key
Flying Display On
■ No Flying Display

Note: pale yellow or grey squares indicate next/previous month


*Refers to Lincolnshire school holidays as defined by the list of school term dates published by Lincolnshire County Council.  **Excludes Easter Sunday (31/3).


Calendar provided as a guide; times and dates may be subject to change. Availability of flying demonstration may be subject to extreme weather conditions as well as other unforeseen circumstances - in these situations, we reserve the right to shorten or cancel the demonstration at our discretion. Please enquire prior to your visit to avoid disappointment. 

1:30pm Start

Gate Opens at 1:15pm


Included with admission.

Eligible for same-day re-entry 

What Can I Expect?

You'll be able to watch up to five of our massively talented birds perform alongside entertaining and engaging commentary from our expert falconer. With both indoor and outdoor flying arenas, you'll be guaranteed a great show whatever the weather!

And remember, your admission is valid for the entirety of your visit, so feel free to pop out for a coffee and finish viewing the collection at your own pace!










Outdoor Flying Arena

Clear skies? Then our demonstration will take place in our outdoor flying arena. This spacious open-air paddock includes a takeoff platform to help propel our birds to new heights. With a focus on our largest and most impressive species, the sky really is the limit!   

Baytree School Visit-13-March 06

Indoor Flying Arena

Weather not great? Our 100ft polytunnel creates the perfect all-weather flying arena. With seating down the central aisle, you'll be so close to the action that a few wingtips may even brush by your nose! Witness the small and well as a few surprises too! 

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Did you know? Flying isn't something that owls and other birds of prey do recreationally, like how we might go for a jog for exercise. It is a vital hunting mechanism used only for acquiring food. Both wild and captive birds spend most of their time roosting in order to conserve energy, which they use for other functions such as keeping warm (or staying cool!)

Baytree Display July 2016-28.jpg

But don't just take our word for it!

Here's what people are saying on tripadvisor®...

Absolutely brilliant!

This display was when the Centre really came into its own, it was held in the Polytunnel which only added to the experience as the birds were so close when flying up and down the aisle.


Regular Visitor

The flying display is amazing and the animals obviously love the man that does it and he totally respects them

- Katie D

Lovely few hours

What a delightful few hours spent here. The flying display was great and very unusual with different birds than the norm. Well done, we are already looking forward to our next visit.

- Chrystyn N

Don't miss this gem

We saw the flying display with other birds, which was magical. A real privilege to see these birds doing what they do best.

- Lisa G

The Baytree Owl and Wildlife Centre Flying Team

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