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Photography Half-day

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Ever dreamed of taking a breathtaking image of a bird of prey in full flight? You’ll probably know that – where nature is concerned – the perfect photo opportunity doesn’t always present itself.


However, on our popular Photography Half-day, you'll be capturing some incredible shots in no time (with a little help from our demonstration team, of course!)


What Can I Expect?

Our extensive collection of both native and non-indigenous species of birds means you'll have access to a varied and exciting range of subject matter. The use of our trained demonstration team affords an element of control over each shoot, so you'll have ample opportunity to experiment with a mixture of compositions.

We also have two ideal spaces to use as stunning backdrops. Our expansive outdoor flying arena will allow you to capture the blue open sky, whereas the polytunnel houses multiple dioramas to set the scene for some convincingly natural-looking environments. All sessions will be split equally between each location (weather-permitting).

This session is designed for all ages and experience levels, so whether you're using a top-of-the-range DSLR or a trusty smartphone camera, you'll have every opportunity to make the most of your time with us.


Photography Half-day



  • AGES: 16+



The photography half-day serves as the perfect introduction to wildlife photography. You'll gain exclusive access to our collection for a series of portrait and action shots set up by our head falconer. Whatever your experience level, here's your opportunity to get creative and experiment!

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If you are a professional photographer or part of a camera club and would be interested in using our facilities, we can arrange a more bespoke session to suit your requirements. Please contact us to discuss your needs further.

Upcoming Dates

Our photography half-day runs monthly on pre-determined dates (generally Saturdays). You can find the list of currently announced dates below.

Sat 27th Jul 2024

Sat 28th Sep 2024

Sat 30th Nov 2024

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If you have any queries about booking a place on one of our photography sessions, let us know using one the methods below! 


Tue - Sun, 10am til 4pm

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