Bird of Prey Experience Voucher

This action packed 90-minute session will introduce you to an array of truly unique bird of prey species - the perfect recipe for some intense flying action! Participants may be flying a hawk, an owl, a falcon, a buzzard...and maybe a species that isn’t a bird of prey at all.


The session begins with an introduction to Baytree Owl & Wildlife Centre, followed by a brief instruction in how to handle the birds. Paticipants then get to don a glove and have a go at flying up to five members of our display team. Although species vary throughout the season, you can guarantee that the recipient will create a special memory they will never forget.


Upon purchase, you will be sent a voucher - with a period of validity for six months - within a blank gift card, should you wish to present it to someone as a gift. You can then redeem this voucher to book your encounter on a day of your choice. If desired, you may also book additional participants or spectators at this time.


The price for each participant is £50. Spectator places are also available for £10 per person.

Bird of Prey Experience Voucher

Number of Participants
Number of Spectators
I confirm all attendees are aged 14 or over
    1. Valid 180 days from date of purchase, until expiry date shown on voucher. Expired vouchers can be extended for another 180 days for 50% of original purchase price.
    2. Pre-booking required. Call 01406 258 228 and quote voucher number to redeem. Sessions available all year round, however allow plenty of notice for desired date.
    3. Sessions are semi-private. Participants on the same experience may be grouped together up to the maximum of four people.
    4. Approximate session runtime is 90 minutes.
    5. Additional spectators can be added for £10pp.
    6. All attendees must be aged 14 or older.
    7. Includes full admission to Baytree Owl & Wildlife Centre for all party members.
    8. Located at Baytree Owl & Wildlife Centre, High Road, Weston, Spalding, PE12 6JU 

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