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Christmas Meal Tickets

With over 100 owls, birds of prey & other animals in our collection, food is perhaps the centre’s largest ongoing expense. And with the quieter winter months approaching, our capacity to meet those costs becomes more difficult – particularly once the centre closes for our important Christmas maintenance period.

So, this is the idea behind “Meal Tickets”! For a small £7 contribution, you can help keep our birds in food over the Christmas period. In exchange, you'll receive a downloadable photograph and a voucher to use against one admission at a later date. Think of it as an I.O.U!

Meal Tickets are offered as an instant download*, making them a great last-minute gift idea, too!



Choose your
favourite below

Buy them a
Meal Ticket for just £7

Get a downloadable photograph & admission voucher to use in future!

Available for a limited time until 25th December 2023!

*You will receive a link to download your Meal Ticket file upon completion of your order, sent to the e-mail address specified at checkout. This link is valid for 30 days from the date of purchase.

Geometric Shapes

Buying as a gift?

You'll need to tell the recipient your Order Number


The 5-digit order number from your confirmation e-mail must be provided in order to redeem a Meal Ticket. If you intend to gift your Meal Ticket as a printout, we recommend writing your order number for the recipient in the space provided.

Who would you like to buy a Meal Ticket for?

All Meal Ticket contributions are divided equally between all of our animals, so feel free to choose whoever you like - nobody gets left out!


African Fish Eagle

african fish eagle


Harris Hawk

harris hawk


Mottled Owl

Bernard - Mottled Owl.jpg


Southern White-faced Owl



American Kestrel



Long-eared Owl

IMG-0394 (1).jpg


Red Fox

Rebel - Red Fox.JPG


Striated Caracara

Baytree Bank Hol Aug 2017-47-August 28 2017.jpg


Cape Vulture



Lilac-breasted Roller



Peregrine x Lanner Falcon

Capala - Peregrine Falcoln x Lanner Falcon.jpg


Verreaux's Eagle Owl

verreauxs eagle owl


Common Raven

common raven


Mackinder's Eagle Owl

mackinders eagle owl


Red-legged Seriema

Coco - Red-legged Seriema.jpg


Western Siberian Eagle Owl

siberian eagle owl

Meal Ticket Terms & Conditions

  • Your “Meal Ticket” may be redeemed against admission for one person to Baytree Owl and Wildlife Centre.

  • Your “Meal Ticket” must be redeemed before 31st December 2024.

  • Your “Meal Ticket” is valid only as part of a confirmed purchase with a corresponding order number (shown on the original purchaser’s order confirmation e-mail.) Possession of a “Meal Ticket” digital file or printout is not proof of purchase.

  • To redeem your “Meal Ticket”, you must quote your order number – along with the animal for which your Meal Ticket was purchased – on arrival at our admissions desk. This information will then be checked off against a register to validate your admission. Presentation of a “Meal Ticket” digital file or printout is optional.

  • Using the above information, another person may redeem your “Meal Ticket” on your behalf. However, your “Meal Ticket” may only be redeemed once per order number/animal combination.

  • If we are unable to validate your “Meal Ticket” using the information provided, you may be liable for the full value of admissions.

  • At the time of writing, admissions made using your “Meal Ticket” do not need to be booked in advance. However, we reserve the right to amend our booking requirements should government advice change at a later date. Information about booking may be found at

  • The contents of this file, including any images, remain the property of Baytree Owl and Wildlife Centre. This file may not be redistributed, edited, sold or reproduced in part or in full without prior permission.

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