Owl Pellet Dissection Kit

Our Owl Pellet Dissection Kit makes one of our most popular educational activities available for anyone to take home! This kit contains everything a budding pellet detective needs to start their new journey of discovery. Dissecting owl pellets is a fun way to learn about prey and predator relationships, as it provides an interesting insight into an owl's eating habits.


Children won't be able to help digging in with eager anticipation as they reveal an exciting assortment of real rodent bones - that once belonged to the owl's last meal!


Each pack contains two pellets produced by the owls at Baytree Owl & Wildlife Centre, picked within 24 hours of casting and heat-sterilised for your safety and convenience.


The full kit includes:

  • Tweezers
  • Wooden probing implement
  • Pair of Safety Gloves (Latex Free)
  • Magnifying Lens
  • Instructions with Bone Identification Chart
  • PLUS Two Real Owl Pellets (Foil-wrapped)


Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts. Parental supervision advised.

Owl Pellet Dissection Kit

  • Pellet dissection is great fun, but it's important to do it safely. You can make this activity more enjoyable by following the guidance below.

    • Work in a place separate from eating or food preparation areas.
    • Use the disposable gloves provided during the dissection and clean-up.
    • Do not dissect directly on desks or table tops. Use a disposable tray or plate to contain the owl pellet during dissection (or use the tin-foil included.)
    • Prepare a shallow dish or basin with disinfecting solution in which to place bones for cleaning, as well as newspaper or kitchen towel for drying.
    • Use only the dissection tools provided. Do not use fingers, pencils or other personal items for dissection.
    • Do not place the pellet or its contents near or in the mouth.
    • When finished, disinfect all work areas and dissection tools using sanitising wipes. Alternatively, household bleach in a 1:10 solution can be used as a sanitizer. Ensure the gloves are disposed of safely.
    • Make sure everyone thoroughly washes their hands with soap and water immediately after the dissection and clean-up.


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