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 Pest Control 

An Effective, Natural Solution  

Looking for an environmentally friendly deterrent to nuisance species? Regularly deploying birds of prey will help protect your premises from problem birds, such as gulls or pigeons, by forcing them to seek alternative nesting sites away from their natural predators. This, combined with egg removal during the breeding season, forms an effective solution to these unwelcome pests.

All birds are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, which aims to "prohibit certain methods of killing or taking wild animals" . This means certain species have to be treated differently - typically humanely - when being removed or controlled. 

Seagull flocks can become aggressive

How Can Pest Control Help?

An uncontrolled population of nuisance birds can lead to the creation of potential health hazards. As well as a build up of guano, there is also the risk of structural damage from deposits such as faeces, feathers and nesting material (which, in the case of gulls, can consist of used sanitary towels and tampons, food packaging, and general waste). These can have adverse effects to buildings and lead to further complications like blocked guttering.

Some sites, particularly those containing potential food sources, will benefit from bird control all year round. If nest sites aren't patrolled and removed regularly, the pest species can become more aggressive and the site becomes more hazardous in the long term. 


The presence of a large predatory bird, such as a hawk or falcon, will cause the potential prey species to retreat; after initially raising the alarm to warn others, they will move away until the danger disappears. Eventually, the problem birds will consider the area unsafe to live in and will relocate elsewhere. When used in conjunction with nest and egg removal, this is one of the only reliable methods of dispersing certain birds.

Bird of prey surveys guttering

Why Use Our Services?

Our pest control specialists can assess your site and suggest the most cost-effective proposal for the bird problem you have. We offer a free initial survey which will allow us to provide an informed quotation in accordance with your individual needs and expectations. As different methods may be required, we will employ the most effective tool for the job, including:   

Flying Raptors

Nest Removal




Visual Deterrents

Seagull eggs

As well as the services listed above, other pest control solutions may be available on enquiry. To discuss your requirements and to arrange a consultation, please contact us using one of the methods below.


Use the Subject Line "Pest Control"


Tue - Sun, 10am til 4pm

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