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Our experienced falconry staff appreciate more than anyone that keeping owls and other birds of prey can be a rewarding hobby. After all, our passion for these enigmatic stalwarts of the sky is how we've come to be in the position we're in today. Part of their appeal is the fact they're far from being an ordinary pet - a companion, yes, but wild and free-spirited - however this of course presents unique challenges of its own. That's why we've designed our intensive handling courses to prepare you with the knowledge to begin your journey with your first bird in confidence.    

For beginners, not only is it easy to be overwhelmed by the unique terminology, equipment and training used in the management of birds of prey, it can be equally difficult to decide which species would be most suitable for your needs. Our staff will be able to guide you through the process of housing, handling, training and caring for your desired bird, allowing you to get the best from one another as you forge your unique bond together. 

Baby African spotted eagle owl at Baytree Owl and Wildlife Centre

Not sure if you're serious about keeping a bird of prey? Then why not test the water with one of our Flying Experiences instead? You'll be able to get hands-on with up to five owls or other bird of prey species, making this a great introduction to what the hobby entails - without any of the commitment!

What Does the Course Involve?

The aim of our course is to provide you the all the relevant information you need to give your new bird the best start. With your newly acquired knowledge and understanding, you will have the strongest possible foundation from which to succeed, no matter the route you choose. Whether it's handling, breeding or flying; we'll cover all the topics important to you during your time with us.

In our position as a display centre, we have the ability to spend some hands-on time with a variety of species that have already undergone the training process. Although this environment means that we do not have the ability to train in the true art of falconry (such as hunting), we can instead focus on the initial stages of purchasing your first bird, with a programme involving:

Training an African spotted eagle owl at Baytree Owl and Wildlife Centre

Building a Suitable Aviary

Husbandry and Healthcare

Food and Weight Management

Glove Discipline and Handling

Flying on the Creance 

Free Flying

You'll be able to take full advantage of our facilities whilst working through each stage of the course. This includes the 100ft poly-tunnel used as our indoor flying arena, meaning the weather won't interfere with your session.

Additionally, the course structure offers an element of flexibility so that you can learn at your own pace. Our full intensive course is taught over a three day period, but these sessions can be completed at any interval you desire on a day-by-day basis. Alternatively, you may opt for a single day's tuition should you have a particular topic you would like to explore in more detail.

Courses start from £99 per day, or book a full three day course in advance for a discounted rate of £250.

Flying an African spotted eagle owl at Baytree Owl and Wildlife Centre

How Do I Book?

To book, simply contact us using one of the methods below, or fill out our contact form. Please provide details of your current experience level so we can find the best approach for your needs.


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